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Hello Transmigratians? Transmigrationals? Trans-Ninans? S-something like that!

Anyway I have made for both veteran and newbie player a sort of Travel's Guide to the Multidimensional Universe that will hopefully make the game both clearer to everyone (as we always get new information and sometimes you may get lost with all of it) and perhaps learn a thing or two about the ship and how it all works!

First and foremost, always remember that the game is partly survival! Proper Clothing and Food is a Privilege, not a Right. While you may be able to find a piece of iconic clothing or two in your character's lockers as well as their weapons, shoes are always missing (well unless your name is Sonic and shoes are the only piece of clothing you have in the first place, but you get the idea). The Plantsuit protects your feet so you aren't going around all Hobbit-like everywhere. Well, unless that's what your character usually does.

The plantsuit is a pretty snazzy does-it-all piece of suit. It cleans you, it takes care of you, it pulsates and may creepy you a bit. Skip down to the plantsuit section of the FAQ to have all the information regarding it. Our article dealing with clothing is here.

Don't Worry! There are ways to bypass this;
► There are a few stores that offer extra clothing for the characters, in limited supplies. So far is Stormwind Clothiers (run by Reinforce Zwei) which offers one outfit and a couple of pairs of underthings and a single pair of shoes. There is currently enough cloth in the store to supply about 40% of the crewmembers, in exchange for working there or helping out, or the Awesomeporium (Run by Lash and Zetta) who have stolen articles of clothing from Galilee that come in limited sizes also in exchange for services your character can offer. You can find the entire list here. The Awesomeporium also has bras for the female characters, in limited supply.
► Every shore leave, your character gets a set amount of money to spend. Some offshore leaves will have stores where your characters can shop for new clothing, or cloth for Stormwind to make clothing for you. If your characters are to make large purchases, we would like you to notify us so that we don't have cases of characters running around with 20 new dresses.
► With player's permission you can steal clothing from each other (but beware of the consequences!).
► The Sensoriums allow your characters to change into whatever clothing they like for their stay there.

Shae made this article wonderful article on the wiki, please read it as it will answer all your questions about food and food preservation. Most of all, remember - food rots normally on the ship. If there hasn't been a supply of eggs recently or milk, it means you can't make food in regards to this.

Again, there are ways to bypass this;
► Your character can eat their slop in the sensorium where they will think they are eating actual food! A lot of characters have started to do this not to have to taste the bland taste of the slop.
► Certain characters stole things from their Galilee visits that included 'add water' foodstuff. There is some to barter at the Awesomeporium.
► Certain off-shore planet visits will include places for your characters to either purchase seeds, plants or animals. Again, this should be passed by the mods. Other times, successfully completing a mission will result in new livestock or plants as gifts and offerings.These allow you to start your own food supply, or give them to someone else to take care of them for you (for example, Lash stole seeds from Galilee and gave them to Tom to grow as she has no idea how to use them.) There is no miracle grow on the ship - due to the strange time nature of the ship, plants might take a bit longer to grow.

The ship has its own city!


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